i became a lighting designer in 1997 when i walked into a theatre at Brooklyn college and saw moonlight on the set of joe turner’s come and gone, while the lighting designer and my first lighting teacher, Richard Kearney, was focusing a light. i saw him on stage with a single light source, but i believed that the moonlight was real. it was then that i knew that i could and wanted to be a lighting designer because i believed in that magic the moment i walked into the space. ever since then, i have been working hard to make the magic happen in my own shows. it’s not easy. sometimes i fail or find myself getting tired doing many shows in quick succession. however, i look back and think of how i became a lighting designer and that memory always fills me with fresh ideas and reignites my passion. after grad school at Yale, i have expanded into scenic, projection and sometimes costume design. i like working in different areas in the theatre or in any art form. it keeps me relevant, new, personal, special, and creative in each project.

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